Plücker-Vorlesung mit Nobelpreisträger

Heute im physikalischen Kolloquium um 16 Uhr, Thema "Black Holes in Elementary Particle Physics" gehalten von Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht).

The most conspicuous features in the theory of the gravitational field is the emergence of black holes. Trying to subject them to the laws of Quantum Mechanics may well be the best attack on the quantization problem in General Relativity. If one applies the laws of Quantum Field Theory to the environment of a black hole, one finds a kind of uncertainty on top and above the usual quantum uncertainties that one would expect. It seems as if the very foundations of Quantum Theory are being undermined by this result. Postulating the demand that "quantized" black holes ought to behave just like other quantum systems, leads to a new theory on the physical states and their dynamics at the Planck scale, and perhaps also to a fresh view on what Quantum Mechanics might actually be.


Hooft erhielt 1999 den Nobelpreis für "entscheidende, die Quantenstruktur betreffenden Beiträge zur Theorie der elektroschwachen Wechselwirkung in der Physik".

Das Kolloquium findet normalerweise im Hörsaal I des Physikalischen Institutes statt.

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