Galaxie aus dunkler Materie

Viele Newsfees haben es heute oder gestern berichtet, ich habe es bei Slashdot und PhysOrg gelesen. Direkt an der Quelle ist der Bericht des Jodrell Bank Observatorys der Universtiy of Manchaster. Dort könnt ihr nachlesen:

A British-led team of astronomers have discovered an object that appears to be an invisible galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter - the first ever detected. A dark galaxy is an area in the universe containing a large amount of mass that rotates like a galaxy, but contains no stars. Without any stars to give light, it could only be found using radio telescopes. It was first seen with the University of Manchester's Lovell Telescope in Cheshire, and the sighting was confirmed with the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico. The unknown material that is thought to hold these galaxies together is known as 'dark matter', but scientists still know very little about what that is.

Bei gibt es den vorläufigen Bericht der auch in den Physikalischen Blättern veröffentlich werden wird. News aus erster Hand!

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