Was möchte ich mit meinem Leben anfangen??

Vor einer Weile lass ich im Dumb Little Man Blog folgenden Artikel: 22 Geheimnisse, wie man seine Träume entdeckt und sie lebt. Dort erwähnt wurde die Internetseite The One Question – „What to do with my life“. Neugierig wie ich bin, habe ich mich dort ein wenig umgesehen und als Fan von Tests, habe ich mich auch den Fragen gestellt.

Was dabei herauskam war sehr aufschlussreich und inspirierend. Und sehr gerne greife ich auf das, was ich damals schrieb, zurück, wenn mir mal wieder Zweifel ob meinen Träumen und Fähigkeiten kommen. Denn irgendwie ist alles da *zeigt auf ihren Kopf und auf ihr Herz* drin, versteckt sich von Zeit zu Zeit aber sehr hartnäckig.

Die Auswertung des Testes besteht übrigens aus der Auflistung dessen, was man schrieb und einem Kommentar, der beschreibt, was die Antworten aussagen.

Wahrscheinlich ist es hilfreich, diese Übung in regelmäßigeren Abständen durchzuführen. Denn nicht immer fällt einem Alles ein oder aber bestimmte Dinge haben sich geändert. Dafür ist das Leben nun mal ein Fluss der ständigen Weiterentwicklung. Außerdem ist es ein gutes Aufmerksamkeitstraining. ^·~

Im folgenden meine damaligen Ergüsse, welche der Vollständigkeit halber – und zur Dokumentation und ständigen Erinnerung – hier (für mich) nicht fehlen dürfen.


What are you naturally curious about?

How everything is connected. From the inner of the universe, history, religions, social sciences, literature, media to psychology. I want to understand the logic behind everything. Give me more information!

Comments: Your answer to this question gives you an indication what are the different topics where your passion may lie. You may find here clues about a suitable profession for you or a field you want to work on. Often what we naturally do we enjoy the most too.

What would you change about the world?

If I could, I would give every child the chance to live a good life! And – give them the possibility of become everything they want to be! No cruelness, no fear, no starving!!! Children should be able to enjoy their live as children having only one goal: figuring out who they want to be!

Comments: What makes you angry the most shows you in a way what you care about the most, what is close to your heart. It is unlikely that you are emotionally strongly moved by something you are not even slightly passionate about.

What would you love to do or accomplish before you die?

  • Live in Paris
  • Learn Japanese
  • Visit Japan
  • Travel through the world
  • Make children’s live more worthy!
  • Work in science (CERN)
  • Have my own flat
  • Have assured that all members of my family can live a happy life!
  • Do something which shows that I am not stupid
  • Get a PhD
  • Find a job which provides a good work/life balance
  • Adopt a child
  • Write a book
  • Get healthy again
  • Be successful in one kind of sport

Comments: The things you listed as answers not only give you an idea of your goals, but also values – what is important to you and how wou would like to live your life. See if you can spot any themes in your things to do list.

What would you do if could not fail?

No failure? Get a PhD in physics. I then would try to work in positions that would give me a great influence on big companies and make them rethink: It’s not the money they earn that counts! It’s about the community! The children! And in the end, I will go back to a small house on the land, with my partner and have a calm end of life.

Comments: This question helped you to think without limitations. There is a good chance you wrote here things that you really want to do.

What would you do if you would not be limited by money?

Be a lifelong student. Study one subject after another. In addition I would try to organize projects that help people to help themselves and try to build schools and other things children on this planet needs to get a chance!

Comments: Similar to the last one, the question removed barriers from your thinking and brought out your inner desires. Remember that you might be able to earn money following your passion too.

What would you like to hear at your funeral?

She died happy, without regrets. She believed in the mankind although there were so many wars and so much hate outside! She inspired me, made me rethink, let me feel beloved.

Comments: Your answer shows you what you value and how you would like to live your life, what is truly important to you.

What are the things you currently enjoy doing?

Working on the web pages; having success at work when the code does what he should; making people laugh and being happy!; create surprises and presents for people I like; read newsfeeds; catch information; taking photographs; writing; learning about psychology; watching animes; improving my language skills; in general improve things I’m not good at; watching the world; go to cinema; dreaming about

Comments: Very straightforward – your passion may lie in one of those activities.

What were the activities or tasks you were doing when you felt most empowered?

co-trainer at a children gymnastic group; dancing; being occupied with sports, schools and other stuff;

Comments: When you are passionate about some project or assignment, you feel energized, you don’t get tired and you feel excited. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. If you felt something like this when doing the tasks you listed, this might be it or at least you’re close.

What would you most like to be acknowledged for so far in your life?

  • the children in the gymnastic group liked me
  • I finished school with good grades
  • I almost finished my studies although having problems with a depression
  • I don’t have problems going to foreign countries and cities where I don’t understand the spoken or written language
  • I managed to live on my own
  • I was always a “good girl” (no drugs, no cigarettes, no wild sex … no life)

Comments: You only take pride in things that matter to you. The question is if these things matter you the most?

If you had only one wish, what would it be?

Reduce the wish of everybody to get more and more and more and only think of oneself!

Comments: Now that you gave it some thought, try to think of at least 5 more people for whom you could make a wish, include strangers. After you’ve done this for a little while, see what trends you see. This will be at least very close to your purpose.

Whose life do you want to be living?

I guess, there is nobody whose life I would want to live!

Comments: If you did pick anyone, why did you choose these people? There is something about their achievements, lifestyle or other aspects of life that you find desirable. That’s is a hint.

What ideas are you most inspired by?

The idea of people being kind and understanding – no money – no need to work – but the possibility of doing everything one wants to do. Plus getting every support one needs. A one to one support from a superior person to which one could look up and learn from.

Comments: If there is an idea that really inspires you, that could very well be your purpose.

With whom would you like to surround myself?

I would like to be surrounded by people who are interested by more than a few things. Intelligent in all kind of things, not only logical or social,… They should be creative, nose – should have interesting stories behind their live. They should be inspiring. But not to unique. And they should not be extreme. Open minded and thoughtful, but also full of warmth.

Comments: You become who you drink coffee with. The kind of people you want to have around you tells you what kind of a person you want t be.

Do you take responsibility for what is happening to you?

I guess so – but it’s hard work.

Comments: Only you can change your future and create the life you want to live, noone else. If you blame others and shift the responsibility away from you, you are looking for answers in a wrong place. If you said yes, congratulations.
Now that you have gone through this exercise, answered all the questions and read the answers once again – do you see patterns in your answers? Identify what are the common themes in your answers and you will find your passion and purpose in life.

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